What is Shared Medical Space?--A Flexible Alternative for Your Modern Medical Practice

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Grow your practice by partnering with us. 

Our first Shared Medical is located in The Bradlee Medical Office Building, 3543 W. Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA 22302.

Introducing the Alexandria Shared Medical Space

The medical landscape is rapidly evolving.  Patients demand high quality, sophisticated medical offices and waiting rooms.  At the same time, practitioners must navigate the increasingly unpredictable nature of health care and what it means for their businesses.  As reimbursement income is compressed the cost for quality medical space has skyrocketed, requiring practitioners to sign lengthy, onerous leases.

Alexandria Shared Medical Space offers flexible alternatives to long-term office leases, expensive build-outs and the headaches related to managing your medical office space.  Alexandria Shared Medical's premiere medical space is brand new, built to class ‘A’ specifications, with a majority of the equipment you need to quickly establish or maintain care for your patients. 

A turnkey, fully equipped office is ready for your staff on the day(s) of the week you require

Unlock the door in the morning, set up your special equipment, which can be stored on site, and you are ready for the first patient of the day.

Pay only for the days you need

If you practice in Northern Virginia only one or two days per week, you pay for only those days.  Your patients see your name on the directory and on the door, and calls are routed to the office when you’re there.

Test the market--increase the population you serve

Do you have a practice in Maryland or DC and want to expand into Northern Virginia?  Rather than make a multi-year commitment and embark upon an expensive build out, try one day a week at Alexandria Shared Medical.  You may find that there is more demand than you expected, but if not, you won't be locked into a long-term contract.

Nearing retirement?

Perhaps you are not yet ready to retire but prefer to reduce the number of days you practice per week; or, more importantly, you want to reduce the risk associated with serving the community while you finalize your retirement plans.  Alexandria Shared Medical is an ideal solution for practitioners seeking reduced risk and overhead while capitalizing on a new, high quality office presence.

Forget the hassle and cost of facilities overhead

Your time is best spent providing excellent healthcare to your patients, not dealing the distraction of keeping an office running.  Our all-inclusive pricing helps your budget and, consequently, your bottom line.  Our price includes: utilities, real estate taxes, Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and parking.

By-the-day pricing ...$350/day*

Our first shared medical facility is located in the Bradlee Medical Office Building in Alexandria, near the corner of King Street and Braddock Road.  The premier location is straddled by Shirlington to the northwest and Old Town Alexandria to the southeast and less than a mile from I-395.  Pricing starts at $350/day and includes:

  • An elegant, comfortable waiting room and front desk with two workstations, including password-protected PCs with standard office software

  • Firewalled network with Wi-Fi for your staff and separate public Wi-Fi for your patients

  • Essential office equipment including two multi-task printer/fax/scanner machines

  • Four examination rooms, one consultation room and one history/lab/procedure room, each patient room includes a sink and small desk area, to facilitate electronic medical record data entry

  • ADA compliant restroom in the suite with full collection capabilities

  • Exclusive electronic access control for you and your staff, before and after business hours on your reserved day(s)

  • Your name and/or the practice name at the office door and lobby-level directory

  • Doctor's private office with a password-protected PC and basic office software

  • HIPAA-compliant secure on-site storage during the rest of the week for your practice's paperwork, equipment and materials

  • A small refrigerator in your personal storage area

  • Basic medical office equipment, i.e. oto ophthalmoscope, autoclave, etc.

  • Daily cleaning service and office products (i.e. paper towels, soap, exam table paper, bathroom tissue, etc.)

  • A dependable solution specialist to call for facility help of any kind

*as of May 1, 2019 and subject to change

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